A Keritan treatment will restore your dry hair leaving it shiny and smooth. If your hair is curly, a Keritan treatment will decrease your curl by 50% and will decrease any frizz you may have by 70%. There are many different types of Keritan Treatments used in salons. The particular type of Keritan treatment that I use clients may wash their hair the same day. The treatment lasts for about four months and it is necessary to use a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free.

If clients are not ready to commit to a four month treatment there is also the option of getting a 30 day smoothing treatment. The 30 day treatment will not decrease wave and or frizz as much as the four month Keritan it will leave your hair smoother but will not decrease the amount of curl as much as the four month treatment. Typically I recommend this treatment for clients who have finer hair with a small amount of curl and frizz. Either the 30 day treatment or the four month treatment is perfect for clients who have over processed hair that is damaged. As always free consultations are available to help choose which treatment is best for you!

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Whether you are attending a wedding or you are the bride Erica can make you look and feel your best for the occasion. Many of us have been to the Hairdresser for an updo and or wedding style and left feeling like they are going to their junior prom! Wedding styles and Updo's are very personal hairstyles.

As a hairstylist I find that taking extra time before and throughout the service helps to achieve the clients satisfaction with their overall look. Having worked in Las Vegas, the wedding capital of the world, Erica can create just about any look clients want for the occasion. From classic and formal to loose and natural Erica can help you achieve the look you want!


Long or short , trendy or classic when it comes to haircuts Erica can help you achieve whatever style you are looking for! Not sure what style is best for you? No problem, by looking at face shape and skin tone Erica can recommend a cut and color that best suites you. Of coarse when choosing a style there are many factors to be considered such as lifestyle, maintenance, and ability to style your own hair.

Many stylists will give clients a fantastic haircut but when it comes to styling their own hair clients become frustrated Erica will consult with you to choose a style that not only suites you, but one that you can also feel comfortable styling on your own. You will receive quick blow dry tips as well as suggestions on what products to use to maximize your style. When coloring your hair the same factors need to be considered. Erica can work with you to formulate a color that compliments your skin tone and is easy to maintain. If you are pressed for time and still want to maintain a great cut and color make an appointment with Erica today!

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